Israel is Happening.


Perhaps the only characteristic that typifies Israel is diversity.  Within a day’s drive one can see the verdant high lands of the Galilee region and the sun-scorched shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth and home to the ancient fortress of Masada.   Or one could walk through the bustling market in Jerusalem, filled with food and languages from around the world,  and later visit the resort city of Eilat on the Red Sea.

Over a quarter of Israelis were born abroad and many other Israelis are only second or third generation.  This has resulted in an unmatched, dynamic food scene that has drawn on the finest international culinary traditions.  In fact, in 2014, Tel Aviv was name by the prestigious SAVEUR Magazine to be the foodie capitol of the world. Although Mediterranean staples are ubiquitous, there are many bespoke pairings to be found.  Israel also is known for its wine, with over 200 wineries and wine drinking tradition stretching back 3,000 years.

Tel Aviv is rated alongside New York, London, and Bangkok for its nightlife.  The city’s main clubs, many of which spill out onto the beach, are known to host revelers until dawn.  Additionally there are many public concerts and festivals that attract Israel’s large population of under-25 year olds.  For those that enjoy art and history Israel presents an array of opportunities with the most museums per capita in the world.  Studying abroad in Israel is sure to be filled with fabulous food, culture and fun.