Engineer Your Future in Israel.


As popularized in the New York Times Bestseller Start -Up Nation, Israel is a global leader in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.  Israel ranks just behind the U.S. in number of hi-tech companies and boast the most start up companies per capita of any nation on earth. A recent study showed more start up capital flowing into Israel each year than all of Europe combined. The future is becoming reality on the sandy shores of Tel Aviv and you can be a part of it. The start up industry in Israel is responsible for many of the most cutting edge technologies we use every day.  The cell-phone, voicemail, AOL messenger, and anti-virus software all trace their origins to Israel.  Israel is a world leader in solar energy, desalinization, and chip technology.  

Israeli universities are known for small class sizes and a faculty whom are closely connected to the cutting edge industries of tomorrow. Students who study abroad in Israel will be granted access to some of the brightest, most innovative minds in the world. Study abroad in Israel for your future.